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June 2018

Congratulations to three freshly minted Stanford PhDs:
Dr. Jesse Gomez!
Dr. Lior Bugatus!
Dr. Anthony Stigliani!

Read our new review: The functional neuroanatomy of face perception: from brain measurements to deep neural networks.

April 2018

Congratulations to Mareike on your new paper! A preference for mathematical processing outweighs the selectivity for Arabic numbers in the inferior temporal gyrus.

February 2018

Congratulations to Jesse on your new paper: Development differentially sculpts receptive fields across early and high-level human visual cortex. Read it in Nature Communications

Who knew? Kids look at faces and words different than adults, and this can be explained by receptive fields in the visual system. Read the Stanford News Report on our research

pFs is a functionally-defined region in the human brain that is involved in recognizing objects. A recent trend refers to pFs as the posterior fusiform sulcus, which is a neuroanatomical structure that does not exist. Here, we correct this mistake.

January 2018

Winter quarter has begun! If you are interested in learning about cortical plasticity, look up our seminar on cortical plasticity: perception and memory.

December 2017

What a remarkable day!
Congratulations to Anthony Stigliani for your wonderful thesis defense!
And for the publication of your new PNAS paper: Encoding model of temporal processing in human visual cortex.

October 2017

Now on bioRxiv: Development differentially sculpts receptive fields across human visual cortex

September 2017

How does the brain enable you to recognize faces? Click to read our Annual Review.

August 2017

Q&A with Jesse Gomez: How the brain learns to recognize faces

July 2017

Congrats to Dr. Kevin Weiner, who will soon join the faculty of the Department of Psychology at Berkeley!

June 2017

Q&A with Kalanit Grill-Spector: Organization for Human Brain Mapping Keynote Series

Data on a cytoarchitectonic brain atlas: effects of brain template and a comparison to a multimodal atlas.

May 2017

Don't have time to run a functional localizer to identify the PPA? That's okay, you can use our shared, cross-validated PPA from our new paper!

April 2017

How does task affect category representations in high level visual cortex and prefrontal cortex? Read our new paper to find out!

February 2017

Now in NeuroImage:
A new cross-validated cytoarchitectonic atlas of the human ventral visual stream.

January 2017

Surprising brain growth may reveal why we get better at face recognition.

Our research as covered by:

Scientific American.


Wall Street Journal

San Jose Mercury News

Stanford News

December 2016

Ever wonder what the cellular structure of high-level visual regions looks like? Our new paper in Cerebral Cortex now gives you the answer!
The Cytoarchitecture of Domain-specific Regions in Human High-level Visual Cortex.

October 2016

Access the recommendation on F1000Prime.
Development of neural sensitivity to face identity in face-selective regions correlates with perceptual discriminability of face identity.

August 2016

One patient can still spot faces post-surgery, suggesting perception network is resilient

Now in the Journal of Neuroscience:
What happens when the gateway to the human face network is surgically removed? Click to learn!

June 2016

Congratulations to Dr. Moqian Tian - Graduation 2016!

Welcome to Mareike Grotheer, our new postdoctoral fellow!

May 2016

Now in the Journal of vision: Learning the 3-D structure of objects from 2-D views depends on shape, not format

April 2016

bioRxiv preprint posted online: Developmental prosopagnosia is associated with reduced spatial integration in the ventral visual cortex

March 2016

Introduction to Neuropsychologia special issue on functional selectivity: A tribute to Dr. Shlomo Bentin (1946-2012) & Cover

December 2015

Congratulations to Dr. Moqian Tian!! The newest PhD from the Vision Perception and Perception Laboratory

Now in Cerebral Cortex: Experience shapes the development of the neural substrates of face processing in the human brain. Click to read more.

October 2015

Now in Cerebral Cortex: Two New Cytoarchitectonic Areas on the Human Mid-Fusiform Gyrus!

Congrats to Jesse Gomez for honorable mention in the Sammy Kuo Awards in Neuroscience!!!

September 2015

Now in the Journal of Neuroscience: Temporal Processing Capacity in High-Level Visual Cortex Is Domain Specific.

August 2015

Lab trip including that moment when the whole lab is buzzed before noon

July 2015

Now in Neuropsychologia: Corresponding ECoG and fMRI category-selective signals in human ventral temporal cortex.

Now in Neuropsychologia: The anatomical and functional specialization of the fusiform gyrus.

June 2015

Congratulations to Lior Bugatus for the Zimbardo award for excellence in teaching Psych 1!!!!

May 2015

Moqian Tian and Kalanit Grill-Spector discovered that people learn to recognize novel objects by seeing many views in temporal succession

April 2015

Kevin Weiner and Kalanit Grill-Spector describe the evolution of the face processing network from marmosets to macaques to humans

February 2015

Kendrick Kay, Kevin Weiner and Kalanit Grill-Spector discovered that attention produces a benefit by reducing uncertainty in the peripheral visual field where humans and primates are the worst at seeing.

January 2015

Jesse Gomez, Kalanit Grill-Spector and colleagues discovered that face blindness can be predicted by structural differences in the brain

Functionally defined white matter reveals segregated pathways in human ventral temporal cortex associated with category-specific processing

Kevin Weiner asks: Is Einstein's brain different than yours?

December 2014

A face is an entryway to the self.

November 2014

A brain-imaging discovery by Stanford scientists resolves a century-old argument

A Major brain pathway rediscovered

September 2014

Electrical Stimulation of the Left and Right Human Fusiform Gyrus Causes Different Effects in Conscious Face Perception,

Knowing a face and naming it are separate worries.

Kalanit reveals some startling results of her current research on how the human brain processes vision, in particular what is happening when we recognize faces.

July 2014

Is the functional architecture of ventral temporal cortex optimized to solve visual categorization?

June 2014

Congratulations to Makiko Fujimoto who won the Symbolics Systems Firestone Medal for her undergraduate honor thesis! FireStone Ceremory 2014.

May 2014

Congratulations to Moqian Tian who won the best student poster award at VSS 2014.

Click here to find out how theories of cortical folding proposed 100 years apart are connected by Walt Whitman's brain!

February 2014

Listen to our own Jesse Gomez explain prosopagnosia (face blindness) on Goggles Optional - a podcast where scientists from Stanford University provide their professional yet humorous takes on the world of science

Click here to listen.

October 2013

First whole brain 1.5mm fMRI scan!

September 2013

Can a minor sulcus predict functional and microanatomical parcellations in high level visual cortex? Click here to find out.

Congratulations to Moqian for recieving the Ric Weiland Graduate Fellowship in the Humanities & Sciences

June 2013

Congrats to Manuel Herrera for graduating from Stanford University!

April 2013

Have you ever wondered if you could identify a brain area from anatomy alone? We have discovered that area V4 can be predicted from the cortical folding

Nov 2012

Congrats to Kevin Weiner and Nicolas Davidenko for receiving awards for their poster presentations in the NIPS International Face Symposium

Oct 2012

Electrical stimulation of the human fusiform face-selective regions distorts face perception

The implications of these results have been highlighed in the journal of neuroscience, science, stanford report, popsci

June 2012

Congrats to Mai Nguyen for receiving a Firestone medal for excellence in undergraduate research and for her terrific thesis presentation and commencement speech!

April 2012

Having touble localizing the FFA? It's not so simple! See our recent Forum article published in TICS: The improbable simplicity of the fusiform face area.

How does body orientation affect the face inversion effect? See recent paper by Nick Davidenko & Steve Flusberg

Decemeber 2011

Congratulations to Corentin for the birth of his baby daughter!

June 2011

Congrats to two new PhDs: Dr. David Remus & Dr. Kevin Weiner!

Congrats to Ted Kelly for presenting his undergraduate honors thesis!

May 2011

Congrats to Kevin Weiner for defending his PhD dissertation. Well done!

Nick's paper is in press in HBM!
Face-likeness and image variability drive responses in human face-selective ventral regions
Nick Davidenko, David Remus, and Kalanit Grill-Spector

April 2011

Watch Kalanit's talk at the Bay Area Vision Meeting:
Position-Dependent Face Processing: Insights from the Human Brain

March 2011

Kevin and Kalanit in the Center for Biomedical Imaging at Stanford Report:
Using high-resolution fMRI to Uncover the Neural Coding of the Human Ventral Cortex (VTC)

Not one extrastriate body area: Using anatomical landmarks, hMT+, and visual field maps to parcellate limb-selective activations in human lateral occipitotemporal cortex.
Kevin Weiner and Kalanit Grill-Spector

January 2011

Kalanit discusses perception on SoundVision's "The Really Big Questions."

December 2010

Congratulations to David Remus for finishing his Ph.D. We'll miss you!

September 2010

Moqian Tian has joined the lab as a new graduate student!

June 2010

Kevin Weiner has two new papers in press. Congratulations Kevin!

Sparsely-distributed organization of face and limb activations in human ventral temporal cortex.
Kevin Weiner and Kalanit Grill-Spector

fMRI-Adaptation and Category Selectivity in Human Ventral Temporal Cortex: Regional Differences Across Time Scales
Kevin Weiner, Rory Sayres, Joakim Vinberg, and Kalanit Grill-Spector

May 2010

More news about Williams syndrome in the Stanford Daily!

Golijeh Golarai, Allan Reiss, Kalanit Grill-Spector and collaborators have come to a better understanding of what's behind the facial fascination common among those who have Williams syndrome, a genetic condition. Click to read more.

December 2009

Face-selective regions in the human brain continue to develop past childhood.
Differential development of the ventral visual cortex extends through adolescence.
Golijeh Golarai, Alina Liberman, Davie Yoon, and Kalanit Grill-Spector.

June 2009

Kalanit is promoted to Associate Professor with tenure! Congratulations to Kalanit.

Congratulations to Sonia Poltoratski for receiving the 2009 Firestone Medal for her undergraduate honors thesis on the behavioral & neural correlates of congenital prosopagnosia.

April 2009

Congratulations to Kevin Weiner for receiving the Elsevier/Vision Research Travel Award for the 2009 Annual VSS Meeting!

Deos the Bairn Not Raed Ervey Lteter by Istlef, but the Wrod as a Wlohe?
Kalanit Grill-Spector and Nathan Witthoft

January 2009

How are objects representated in the human brain?
Object Perception: Physiology
Kalanit Grill-Spector

December 2008

Researchers say that the ultimate face-recognition tool is in our heads.
Read the article from the Belleville News-Democrat.

November 2008

How is view invariant object recognition accomplished?
The representation of object viewpoint in the human visual cortex
Dave Andresen, Joakim Vinberg, and Kalanit Grill-Spector

What has fMRI taught us about object recognition?
Kalanit Grill-Spector

SFN Mini-Symposium:
Fine-scale spatial organization of face and object selectivity in the temporal lobe: Do fMRI, optical imaging, and electrophysiology agree?
Hans Op de Beeck, James DiCarlo, Jozien Goense, Kalanit Grill-Spector, Alex Papanastassiou, Manabu Tanifuji and Doris Tsao

May 2008

Can retinotopy explain position effects in LO?
Relating retinotopic and object-selective responses in human lateral occipital cortex
Rory Sayres and Kalanit Grill-Spector

April 2008

What did neuroimaging teach us about object recognition?
Object Recognition: Insights from Advances in fMRI Methods
Kalanit Grill-Spector, Rory Sayres

How does the ventral stream develop?
Developmental neuroimaging of the human ventral visual cortex.
Golijeh Golarai, Kalanit Grill-spector and John Gabrieli

March 2008

We try our hand at surfaces, edges and holes, too:
Representation of Shapes, Edges, and Surfaces Across Multiple Cues in the Human Visual Cortex.
Joakim Vinberg, Kalanit Grill-Spector.

December 2007
Congratulations to Sungjin on his wedding!

September 2007
Congratulations to Rory on his wedding! We wish the newlyweds all the best!

August 2007
Dave Andresen has moved on to lecture in Psychology at Metro State, Colorado. Good luck, Dave!

April 2007
Developing Recognition of Faces and Places;
Little is known about the developmental trajectory of high-level visual cortex and it's relation to aptitude in recognition. Golijeh Golarai and colleagues demonstrated concurrent changes in these cortical regions and recognition memory during development.
Nature Neuroscience News Release

March 2007
Humans Can See Race and Sex Even in Simple Outlines
read about Nick Davidenko's research on face perception

February 2007
Unraveling the Mysteries of the Brain
Read article in Stanford Humanities and Science Handbook