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Information for Prospective Students:

Our laboratory is affiliated with the Stanford Psychology Department, and the Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute at Stanford University.

Our lab has students from both the Psychology and Neuroscience graduate programs. Prospective graduate students can apply to the Ph.D. program in either Psychology or Neuroscience.

Code and Stimuli for Experiments:

Software and data analysis tools we have developed: The VPNL Github Repository

Software and stimuli for running a localizer for high-level visual areas: fLoc. Written by: Anthony Stigliani.

Code and modeling tools for analyzing fast temporal processing in the brain from fMRI data: 2-Temporal Channels model for neural responses. Written by: Anthony Stigliani.

Fascicle Analysis Tools: FAT Repository. Written by: Zonglei Zhen and Mareike Grotheer

Software for analyzing fMRI data: (mrVISTA); Instructions and tutorials: (Vista Wiki)

Anatomical resources:

A cross-validated cytoarchitectonic atlas of the human ventral visual stream:vcAtlas. Credits: Mona Rosenke

Finding the most probably location of place-selectivity in ventral temporal cortex from cortical folding: parahippocampal place area (PPA). Credits: Kevin Weiner.