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Corentin Jacques
Postdoctoral Fellow

ECoG and fMRI investigations of high-level visual cortex.

My main research interest is investigating the time course with which visual objects are coded in the human brain. During my PhD, I measured electrophysiological (EEG) responses on the scalp (see e.g. Rossion and Jacques, 2008). This measurement, combined with adaptation or competition paradigms allows to probe the temporal dynamics with which various visual cues are processed by the visual system to encode a representation of the object.

More recently, in Kalanit Grill-Spector's lab and in collaboration with Josef Parvizi, Nathan Witthoft, and Kevin Weiner, we are investigating category selectivity in high-level visual cortex using ECoG recordings with 2 goals: (1) determine the selectivity of the ventral stream ECoG signals and (2) elucidating the relationship between neural signals acquired with ECoG and fMRI in the same subjects.

We have found in general a good correspondence between category-selectivity measured with ECoG and fMRI (as shown for face-selective responses in the figure on the right).

By combining ECoG, fMRI and electrical brain stimulation we have shown that stimulating face-selective regions causes a specific impairment in face perception.

See Parvizi et al JNS 2012